Newsletter – August 2018

Larry’s Lines. . . .
By Larry Murphy, Executive Director

In the book entitled “Finding Your Way—Discovering the Truth about You,” authors Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt share valuable insight to the importance all of our lives have. In Psalm 139:13-18, David wrote a beautiful prayer. David understood his life was a gift from God. God has invested so much into our lives. My question is, “Do we really live life with great amazement and appreciation.” Far too many times I take life for granted instead of having a real sense of responsibility.

The book tells of a young man named Mark who needs to find his way back to his dad after an argument they had one Christmas. Part of this trip to finding his way back was an assignment he was given for a college class he was taking. The assignment was to talk with people who knew him as a child. He was to ask them what kind of a child he was.

As he reflected on the insight into his past, Mark realized he was here for a purpose. God had miraculously formed him and gave him a great responsibility to make an impact on others. Mark discovered the truth about himself.

As we are daily finding our way to be all that God has created us to be, are we truly using the gifts, talents, and passions that God has invested in us? I heard Roc Collins speak Sunday night, July 29, at a worship rally led by five of our south Madison County churches. He asked three questions that I think sum this up. Using Acts 9:36-42 as the background, Collins asked:
(1) What are you doing? Find your way forward being the person God intended you to be.
What are you doing for Him?
(2) How are you praying? Are you asking God to show you what you are to be involved in and then believing that He can take care of you in the process?
(3) What difference does it make? Are you involved in anything that is making a difference for God’s kingdom and in someone’s eternal destiny?

Many today are attending church every week and need to find their way back and discover, as Mark did, what is the truth of my life and what is it God, who wonderfully created me, wants me to do!


Sunday School Leadership Training
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Meridian Baptist Church
161 Harts Bridge Road, Jackson, TN
Practical helps for leaders and teachers. Contact Mark Miller at for further information.


Week of Prayer for State Missions and the Golden Offering
for Tennessee Missions 

Statewide GOTM Goal: $2,100,000


Madison-Chester Association of Baptists
Senior Adult Meeting
Tuesday, September 11 • 10:30 a.m.
Clover Creek Baptist Church
2112 Hwy. 18, Medon, TN


Crockett Baptist Association
Tuesday, September 18 • 10:30 a.m.
First Baptist Church
2400 Hwy. 88 South, Alamo, TN