Urgent: Hurricane Harvey Response

Dear Caring Madison-Chester and Crockett Baptists,

Many are wanting to give to Harvey relief and recovery. If our Madison-Chester and Crockett Baptist Churches and people give through the link below, 100% of gifts go to relief. Not a penny goes to administration, staff, etc. Tennessee Disaster Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief are respected and welcomed nationwide.

Initial gifts will go to provide water and blankets and other survival relief. We do not need to load a truck with water and drive it down there. Our gifts of cash let the professionals on the ground do what they do best.

Go to: http://tndisasterrelief.org/contributions/

We will also have this link on www.mccbaptists.org and our Facebook page.  Thanks for spreading the word to concerned people who want to give.

Volunteers needed: DR Units are currently on standby, especially Feeding Units and Shower/Laundry units.  Flood Recovery and Chainsaw Units will be needed soon. Our State Recovery Unit can do all 3 of those jobs.

Problem is: To go on initial response call up, you must be DR certified. Problem is most folk have let their certification lapse – and cannot go. We will have new/renew certification training soon through our state convention Disaster Relief Training Center.  Watch for details.


We are continuing our partnership with the Baptist Convention in Kenya. Presently we are ministering in Asembo Bay. Pray about how God would have us assist Him in building His kingdom in Kenya, Eastern Africa. More information can be obtained by emailing Larry Murphy at larry@mccbaptists.org.

Christian Women’s Job Corps of West Tennessee

Christian Women’s Job Corps, a ministry of the WMU, exists to provide a “hand-up” to women who are trapped in the cycle of poverty.  We do this through many aspects of ministry, to include Bible study, job training, life skill training, computer class, and outreach. To learn more, please visit their website at www.rifarifa.org.